O značce Reisenthel

Keep it easy

For more than forty years we have engaged our creativity, our know-how and our enthusiasm in the effort to perpetually re-invent practical items. Every one of our products is characterized with a certain lightness that reflects our mission to “keep it easy”.
We follow our company owner Peter Reisenthel’s example of seeking solutions for the challenges and unsolved problems of the every day. And we will continue looking. After all, our creativity is ignited in the very act of living. Again and again, countless hours of design and development lead to another unique reisenthel product.


Truly distinguished awards

We only sell products that have our complete confidence. It is therefore particularly re-affirming when independent institutes, market researchers, trade and industry panels recognize the extraordinary quality that is visible and tangible in our products.
A great number of awards and prizes have been awarded to reisenthel ideas. You can find the most important of them here.


Against plagiarism and piracy

Year after year, the company releases successful, novel products. However, some practical helpers that are displayed in discount stores only seem to belong to the reisenthel collection. Upon closer inspection, they reveal themselves as fakes.

We protect ourselves from plagiarism and product piracy because for us, the theft of ideas is not a trivial offence. It is not just a matter of confusing brand products and pseudo brands; we are not only concerned about this potential threat to our reputation as developers and producers of quality merchandise. Rather, we feel that our responsibility for creativity is threatened in this way. Our mission relies as much on our know-how as on our business sense: In the end, we provide valuable jobs. Therefore, forgeries of our products are not only a problem for our company but represent a bigger economic threat.

For several years now, we have participated in the organisation "Plagiarius" among others, which is dedicated to the effort of raising the public's (i.e. our customers') awareness of these issues.


Innovation vs. Imitation

Since 1977, Aktion Plagiarius has been drawing attention to the most audacious cases of plagiarism by presenting negative awards. Aktion Plagiarius aims to raise consumers' awareness for the theft of ideas. Year after year, plagiarism inflicts significant economic damage to industry. Plagiarism is a threat to and a danger for the consumer.

The collection in the Museum Plagiarius in Solingen contains more than 350 originals and forgeries from different industries. A true eye-opener!

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